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Your fitness training options

Team training:

Working with a certified personal trainer in a small group setting provides you with instruction, motivation and support to help you stay on track and reach your goals. Our dynamic training tools make the workouts fun and effective!


Ignite is exactly what you’ll do in this fat burning, metabolism boosting team training session!  Using high intensity, low impact exercises set up interval style, our cardio sessions are so much more. You get to shake ropes, flip tires, slam medicine balls, push sleds and more in this total-body workout as you get your heart rate up and work your muscles at the same time.

We want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck with every workout and even better… Ignite your metabolic furnace so you keep burning calories long after your workout is done!

Your personal trainer will be with you every step of the way to make sure your form is amazing and adjusting exercises to meet you at your level.

And she will be cheering you on all the way!


Forge your body for strength and shape in this total body strength team training session! Strength training is the secret that so many women are missing when it comes to seeing results from their workouts. You will use fun equipment like kettlebells, TRX, sandbags, and dumbbells to create shape and tone your muscles while you get stronger.   

Additional perks include burning lots of calories, strengthening your core and feeling empowered when you leave! You are also going to stoke up that metabolic furnace for extra calorie burning even when you’re not working out.

We want to make sure you get the most out of every single exercise and keep you safe too. That’s why your personal trainer will be teaching and guiding you throughout the entire session. She’s got your back!


Shaping your body and burning max calories is the goal of our Combust workout. You will complete a strength circuit using all of our fun tools (TRX, sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls). Moving quickly to the next station keeps your heart rate up so you’re working your muscles and burning lots of calories at the same time.  

At the end of each strength circuit you’ll complete a 30-second finisher to burn even more calories and get that metabolic furnace firing even when your workout is done. 

Your personal trainer will be helping you at every station to help you get the most out of your workout!

WORKOUT Schedule


Personal training

We offer one-on-one training sessions packages that allow for a much more individualized program. Our packages allow you to decide how often you’d like to meet with your trainer each week depending on your needs and goals. All personal training packages include unlimited Team Training sessions at no extra charge. A free evaluation is available to assess your needs and design a program specific to you.


1-1 Personal Training is a great option for any woman wanting to:
  • Get even more instruction on how to perform the exercises
  • Get a program that is specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals
  • Build a base of strength and endurance before joining Team Training
  • Take your training to the next level
  • Complement your Team Training sessions


Personal Training Packages:

All packages are a 3-month commitment and include unlimited Team Training Sessions

4 sessions per month 8 sessions per month 12 sessions per month


ESSENTIALS  4 sessions per month

ELITE  8 sessions per month

ULTIMATE  12 sessions per month


Transforming You

Empower yourself to reach your weight loss goals.

Most women struggle with these same questions.

You are not alone and we are here to help.

Most women struggle with these same questions.

You are not alone and we are here to help.

Transforming You

Empower yourself to reach your weight loss goals.

We care about your success. We have helped many women just like you have more confidence and feel better about themselves as they achieve success in reaching their goals.

Transforming YOU is a one-day workshop that teaches you how to stop the insanity cycle of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It’s not a challenge, a quick fix, or a nutrition-only program.


This program will:
  • Help you separate fact from fiction in the exercise and weight loss department. Knowledge is key to success!
  • Learn the most important nutrition concepts needed for lasting change.
  • Change the old thoughts, habits, and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck to those that empower you to reach your goals (and in more ways than just losing weight).


Your investment is $129.

Transforming YOU is led by Bad Girl Fitness owner
Diane Risdon (B. Ed, M. Ed, NLP Master Practitioner, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor)


“I didn’t have the motivation or knowledge on my own to begin a fitness program that would help me age well, get stronger, and improve my cardiovascular health.

Bad Girl has helped me prioritize my health. I’m stronger, more alert and better able to focus at work. I’m eating better and drinking more water. My skin looks healthier and my clothes fit better. I’m just a happier person.”

Sue Daniels

“After a knee injury, surgeries, and physical therapy, getting back into a regular exercise routine was no easy feat.

Being at Bad Girl Fitness has given me a community to be a part of, the tools and knowledge to improve, the support to continue the journey, and an uplifting space that has transitioned my discouragement into a commitment to continuously improve myself however I can.”

Alex Pavlo

“It had been a while since I had been in a gym or workout setting and I was looking for a place to work out where I felt comfortable and could pursue my goals free from judgement.

At Bad Girl Fitness, I immediately felt comfortable as the members are women, with varying levels of ability, and different shapes and sizes, and there is a sense of camaraderie rather than competition. I feel so good about myself each time I leave class and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I have a desire to go back to class instead of finding excuses to stay away.”

Traci Schmotzer

“I wanted to get stronger, more fit, and toned. In the past it was frustrating because I didn’t have the guidance and support to make the changes. Bad Girl Fitness taught me the techniques to get stronger and fit. Plus, I have a support system always cheering me on!

My health has improved since losing weight and getting fit. Now, I have more confidence, I’m stronger, and I fit into the clothes in the back of the closet!”

Rachelle Sikorski

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Amherst, OH 44001





Come experience Bad Girl Fitness for yourself. Your first workout is free!

1929 Cooper Foster Park Rd.
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